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Hey lovies! So sorry for the long absence. I have been working on major changes at The Gypsy Wife. I’m transitioning over from blogging to selling refinished and custom home decor items. I will continue to update you guys on all my projects. In the meantime, head on over to my Etsy shop to see what I have for sale and check out my FB page for all the latest!



Ink Splatter Art, custom made to order $50

Refinished Romantic Cottage Chic Lamp with Hand Sewn Fabric Flower $50

Boho Chic Peacock Boudior Chair, $38

Key Lime Pie Cocktail!…and some updates


Hey guys! I thought I’d pop in and share this yummy cocktail I created for spring. It’s really simple and super refreshing for spring.

1.5 oz pinnacle cake vodka over oice
Fill the rest of the glass with Minute Maid Lime-aide and stir.

Now to the updates. I’m still on track with exercise and cleaned up eating. So far three inches has come off my wiast and I’m a few pounds down! Woo! I say cleaned up cause you already see my little cocktail….all clean all the time is no fun!

Also, I’m working on a little collection of painted furniture and accessories as well as a few hand sewn items. I will be setting up an Etsy shop before summer and hopefully finding a place to consign a few of my peices locally.

If anyone is interested in a custom peice please contact me via Facebook or email me at


Memorial T-shirt Quilt

Sorry I haven’t been around much guys! My family was in town for a week and now I’m heading into the last leg of deployment. That means we are busy busy preparing for Dad to come home! I’ll keep you guys updated while we go through our exciting transition!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of sewing a memorial quilt for a close friends uncle, who passed away. It is completely made of his t-shirts and I think it turned out beautifully.

Such a touching way to remember someone. I base my blanket on a tutorial from Wellness Mama.

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